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The Puzzle

Did you read the article about "The Silicon Valley of India" under the heading "People"? If you have, then you should have no problems solving the following puzzle. Submit the solution and you could win one of the various prizes on offer.

How to take part in the drawing

Answer the four questions and put the required letters (see the explanation in parentheses below the questions) in the right order to find the solution. Enter the solution and your contact data in the appropriate fields of the form and then click on "Send".

Deadline for entries: 30 September 2015.

The ZiB Editorial Team will let you know if you are one of the winners.


1. What is India's biggest city?
(1 word / 6 letters / 6th letter for the solution)

2. To what is Bengaluru often compared as a software production center?
(2 words / 7 letters + 6 letters / 7th letter of the first word for the solution  / 2nd letter of the second word for the solution)

3. What multinational company in the software industry has a site in Bengaluru?
(1 word / 9 letters / 2nd letter for the solution)

4. What ZEISS business group has had an Assembly and Demonstration Center in Bengaluru since 2012?
(2 words / 10 letters + 9 letters / 3rd letter of first word for the solution)

  • Winners

    Winners of the last puzzle

    Solution: ENGLAND


    1st prize
    VR ONE & Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone
    • Helmut Issler (Germany)
    2nd - 7th prize
    Philips Bluetooth headphones
    • Anthony Sumabat (USA)
    • Mehrdad Azari (USA)
    • Silke Hauff (Germany)
    • Jennifer Koenig (USA)
    • Heinrich Krueger (Germany)
    • Elke Hoffmeister (Germany)
    8th - 15th prize
    ZEISS SIGG water bottle
    • Vaibhav Sinha (Singapore)
    • Ebru ┼×ahin (Turkey)
    • Juergen Habelt (Germany)
    • Bernd Heinrich (Germany)
    • Joseph Beaulieu (USA)
    • Edith Kessler (Germany)
    • Dhananjaya Srinivas (India)
    • Marvin Bieg (Germany)