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Medical technology manufacturers aim to offer doctors innovative applications. But, their architecture, execution and security often pose significant challenges. In collaboration with our well-oiled project teams, we create efficient, scalable and sustainable solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

Modern, agile approaches

Experienced technology partner

High quality standards

Modern and agile approaches

When it comes to creating innovative cloud solutions, you first need to find a suitable solution architecture - and more often than not, this is a real challenge. For instance, existing quality assurance processes can't usually be combined with cloud projects, or established security architectures are required to process critical medical data. What's more, long verification phases and a sustained demand for high quality create further hurdles to a quick market launch.

But, thanks to our years of experience in implementing modern cloud architectures in a medical technology environment, we can supply you with the resources you need to get your cloud strategy off the ground. Our teams will integrate themselves into your product development cycle and existing quality management system. Our agile approach will help you react more quickly to your customers' changing needs and circumstances.

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A seasoned tech partner

Together, we'll bring to life complete web, mobile and IoMT cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure and come up with a fitting solutions architecture that takes into account the projected operating costs and your compliance requirements. Thanks to our technology partnerships and collaboration with Microsoft, we are actively working on advancing the Azure Healthcare Services.

This collaboration is reflected in both our status as a partner and in our close interactions with the product development ream in Redmond, with whom we are shaping current and future offerings that will benefit our customers. We are an early adopter of Azure Healthcare APIs like HL7® FHIR® and DICOMweb and use these to ensure the interoperability and connectivity of your medical systems.

Ensuring high quality standards

As part of our development, we constantly ensure high quality by virtue of testing automation that is supplemented by an appropriate number of manual tests. This allows us to deliver high-quality products and clear quality assurance for the software solution being developed. In addition, we supply the accompanying documentation you need and enable efficient project implementation in line with the applicable regulations.

As well as integrating the solution being developed into your company's existing application landscape and providing quality assurance, we will inspect, maintain and operate your cloud solution as per your requirements.

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Medical Technology Software Solutions with Azure for Healthcare
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