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Software development

Software Evolution

Proven processes and the latest technologies

We use an ongoing software evolution process to help you react to changing market needs while retaining your usual approach.

Investment security

Increasing degree of innovation

Achieving value and quality while remaining flexible

Are ever more new features and incompatibility with the latest technologies forcing you to invest in new developments? Thanks to our ongoing software evolution, we'll help you check how up to date your components are and, if need be, upgrade them while retaining proven working processes. Our established process guarantees the same level of complexity when expanding to include necessary features. So, your software will be tailored to your business needs and you'll be able to react to changes quickly.

Software evolution – value and quality gains
Software evolution – Ongoing development
Enhanced innovation that's integrated into ongoing development

Together, we will assess technological innovations and help you modernize and optimize your overall architecture on an ongoing basis. Automated build processes, accompanying and automated quality assurance, and a holistic architecture management system ensure your system is easier to navigate, and allow you to implement new features more quickly. We'll start with a vision workshop to determine all your business process needs and then perform an initial analysis of your system. This will enable us to work together to gradually establish an ITIL-based service process, which will tell you how innovative the existing applications in your landscape are.

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