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Quality assurance

Individual Test Services

Reliable quality assessment in sophisticated system landscapes

Work with our testing experts to meet your requirements for a more integrative test focus throughout your solutions development process, using sustainable and value-adding testing.

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With more than 15 years of experience in providing individual test services, we will support you at every stage of the development life cycle – during the developer and departmental tests, as well as in our capacity as a test center for your comprehensive integration tests. Our domain knowledge on the applications being tested, combined with our extensive knowledge of testing methods and software development expertise, will perfectly meet your requirements for defining test cases and managing test systems or test data. This allows us to precisely determine, verify and confirm the quality and maturity of a product or solution.

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Scaling options offered by distributed testing teams

To combat the constantly rising need for employees in densely populated areas and industrial locations, we've developed a modern, innovative collaboration concept. It enables team members from different locations to work together on a single project. The targeted use of technology, methods and qualified personnel helps keep travel expenses to a minimum and puts the focus on transparency across all test project cycles. So, why not work with us to access our resource pool of locations with a consistently high number of deliveries, such as Dresden, Görlitz and Miskolc (Hungary). This will ensure you gain access to the reliable expertise you need.

We understand quality assurance in strictly regulated areas

The development and quality assurance of software solutions in strictly regulated areas like medical technology, finance and the energy industry is subject to special requirements. The entire development and testing process must comply with laws, regulations and standards. Compliance must be ensured with special documentation obligations in an audit-proof way. Audits are performed at regular intervals. ZEISS Digital Innovation has amassed years of experience in developing and testing software solutions for the aforementioned industries. The result is a tailored testing process that takes into account the specifications for digital applications in the regulatory environment.

Software test for medical devices
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The integrated user view provides a more comprehensive quality statement

In all our services, we work with employees who have been trained in usability. During testing, they imagine themselves to be the first real user. By consistently monitoring usability criteria, these non-functional criteria that nevertheless result in distinct disruptions in the applications for end users will be identified and looked at once again by our developers. By supplementing the functional test in this way, we are expanding the common quality ideal (ISO 25010) with the decisive factors for ensuring happy, productive end users.


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Managed testing services

Test center with framework agreement, testing with test case-based billing model, test evolution with fixed commissioning, testing support on a daily basis

Testing support

Test management, test conception and coordination, systematic test case definition, test performance and automation, test system and data management

Test focus

Manual and automated black box testing, embedded tests in the agile environment, explorative usability testing / user view, mobile & hardware testing

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