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Modern Web Applications

Innovative, future-proof solutions

Establish new applications based on modern web technologies and let us help you meet your user groups' needs for contemporary B2C applications and innovative software products in your customer segment.

Service and target group orientation


Service and target group orientation for more future-proof solutions

Building on a modern back-end and middleware architecture (microservices, serverless, etc.) your applications will be integrated into one or more web applications to suit particular target groups. To do this, we use the latest web standards and frameworks (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React) as well as modern back-end technologies (e.g. Spring, JavaEE, ASP.NET Core and NodeJS). Responsive interfaces cater to all device classes and new software versions are provided to users on an ongoing basis, with no downtime or need for installation. You'll receive a scalable overall architecture that can be advanced as the demands of your business processes change and takes all necessary security aspects into account.

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Our web experts work with you to increase user satisfaction

We start with an initial workshop with you and your users to define your needs and develop the framework for your solution together. We develop the necessary ergonomic conditions to ensure the application is used efficiently by the respective target groups, and involve users in our agile software development process by deploying user-centered design methods. Ultimately, you'll have a solution that supports your customers' working process as best as possible. The solution will also be continuously advanced, thus ensuring their continued satisfaction.

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