History of Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH

  • How it all started

    How it all started

    The Precision Measuring division was founded at Carl Zeiss in 1919. That same year was the first time that Carl Zeiss presented instruments for production metrology at the Leipzig Spring Trade Fair. After World War II and the subsequent division of Germany, a new plant was built in Oberkochen. The Precision Measurement division was re-established as well.

    This business division has been operating under the name Industrielle Messtechnik (Industrial Metrology) since 1976. Between 1989 and 1998, the company grew considerably: Strategic partnerships were concluded with the companies Stiefelmeyer and TSK. Numerex, an American manufacturer of bridge-type measuring machines in Minneapolis, was acquired in 1989. The factory in Minneapolis was now the second production site. In 2002, its assembly area doubled in size when it moved to a new building. Just two years later, the Shanghai plant – the third assembly site for coordinate measuring machines – opened.

    Today, more than 1,800 people work at Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH. The range of products extends from bridge-type and horizontal-arm measuring machines to measuring instruments for determining shape, contour, and surfaces, right up to an extensive array of accompanying services.

  • 1919 – 1989


    Fine Measuring department founded; first presentation of industrial production measuring technology from Carl Zeiss at the Leipzig Spring Fair; Schuchardt & Schütte distribute the instruments.


    Jena initially occupied by American forces who take the leading employees to their zone. These employees establish a new company in Oberkochen, which later also carries the name Carl Zeiss. Jena becomes part of the Soviet occupation zone.


    Rebranding: Fine Measuring becomes Industrial Metrology.


    Acquisition of Numerex, an American manufacturer of bridge-type measuring machines in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Current production site of measuring machines for the USA and Asia.

  • 1990 – today
    Signing the Biebelried Declaration of Intent.


    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen acquires parts of the former combine VEB Carl Zeiss Jena.



    Carl Zeiss merges with Stiefelmeyer to supplement its own range of horizontal-arm measuring machines.


    Carl Zeiss enters into a strategic alliance with TSK for surface-measuring instruments

    Carl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services GmbH


    Founding of Carl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services GmbH together with 3D Control with the aim of offering joint metrology services


    The factory in Minneapolis doubles its assembly space when it moves to a new building


    The third production site for coordinate measuring machines after Oberkochen and Minneapolis opens in Shanghai