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Company Culture

Our mission and vision guide all employees in their daily activities. Meeting the requirements of our mission and vision is part and parcel of the corporate culture at ZEISS. Our actions are guided by the following principles:

Pioneering Spirit

Research and Development

As a highly innovative medical technology company, we annually invest a large percentage of our revenue in research and development – the foundation for remaining a driver of medical progress in the future. Every day, we are driven by the quest for knowledge and the urge to continuously redefine the boundaries of what is physically conceivable.

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Using our differences as an advantage

We benefit from the diversity of our company. With their special talents and skills, every single employee contributes to the success of our company. Our diversity becomes an element of success through active dialog and open feedback. 
Employees with many years of experience in our company pass on their experiences and knowledge to new colleagues. This, in turn, generates new momentum, thus contributing to ongoing change. 

We work together around the world in an intercultural work environment. With ten locations and five sales and service organizations, ZEISS can be found around the globe. The company has subsidiaries in Germany and abroad; more than 50 percent of its employees are based in the USA, Japan, Spain and France.


Personal atmosphere

As a global player with a broad product portfolio, ZEISS offers its employees flexibility, stability and all the career possibilities offered by a large company. At the same time, we all benefit from a close-knit family atmosphere and scope for their personal development.

Long-term orientation

Developing talents

Decisions focused on the long term and a broad product portfolio are your guarantee for a secure job in a successful company. ZEISS pursues a targeted and sustained policy of developing talent and invests in a wide range of training programs on an ongoing basis.


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Responsibility for employees and society

ZEISS takes responsibility for its employees, and offers extensive development and training programs. By promoting selected social projects and organizations, the company plays an active role in the community.

Lawful and responsible behavior

Basic for tenets success

Our responsible and lawful behavior as employees of ZEISS is one of the basic tenets for our corporate success. As a medical technology company, we strive to ensure product quality, patient safety and customer satisfaction, and systematically focus our business strategy on meeting these high demands.

The ZEISS Code of Conduct and internal stipulations of the ZEISS Management system are the guidelines which define the legally and ethically correct behavior that is expected from us all and which guide our actions. The establishment of a ZEISS-wide standardized compliance organization underscores our ambition to solidly anchor these basic principles in our business processes.

Useful products

Improving quality of life

Having a good salary and nice colleagues is not enough. Many people ask themselves the question: "Is what I'm doing really meaningful?" At ZEISS, the answer is a clear and unequivocal "Yes." This is because we all work to develop useful products and solutions that continuously improve the quality of life of people – in the fields of eye care, microsurgery and radiotherapy.


Success engenders a team spirit

At ZEISS, we can be proud of our own success and of the entire company. Thanks to the long history and groundbreaking innovations of ZEISS, we all feel that we have a special bond with the company. This leads to a strong sense of belonging, which means that new employees soon feel like true "Zeissians."