Doctor with child in arms

Good access to state-of-the-art medical technology

ZEISS wants to make modern medical treatment accessible to as many people as possible. Through cooperation with German and international aid organizations such as the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and Mercy Ships and helping people to help themselves through training, ZEISS contributes to the improved medical support of people in all regions of the world.



Conquering preventable blindness

Logo Vision 2020

One person goes blind every five seconds. With access to medical advancements, four in five cases could be prevented.

ZEISS has been supporting the "VISION 2020 – The Right to Sight" initiative since 2002. The goal: to improve medical treatment in economically weaker regions, and conquer preventable blindness by 2020. VISION 2020 is a worldwide initiative led by the World health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

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Training centers

Help others help themselves

Training Center

ZEISS has been supporting the VISION 2020 Initiative for many years. Under the premise of helping others to help themselves, ZEISS has financed four diagnosis, therapy and training centers for ophthalmology in three regions around the world over the past year. At these centers, doctors are trained to use the latest systems, so that eye diseases can be diagnosed and treated using state-of-the-art, reliable technology.

2013 – IAPB Center of Excellence Latin America, Asunción,Paraguay

  • This is the fourth opthalmic diagnosis and training center.
  • Its construction was financed by ZEISS in cooperation with the Christoffel Mission for the Blind (CBM) and the Fundación Visión.
  • These centers teach doctors and technicians to diagnose diseases of the eye, and to service and repair the systems.

2008 – Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College in Moshi, Tanzania

  • The third of four training centers.

2006 – University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • The second training center.
  • ZEISS is supporting the furnishing of the center with a therapeutic laser and various surgical microscopes for the ophthalmology department of the hospital.

2005 – Cicendo Eye Hospital in Bandung, Indonesia

  • The first training center.
  • ZEISS provided the center with funding, slit lamps, a treatment laser and a surgical microscope.
  • ZEISS organizes employee training together with the Cicendo Eye Hospital and the IAPB.
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Christian Blind Mission and ZEISS

A long-standing partnership

Logo Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

As a project partner, ZEISS has been supporting the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) for many years at events and with material donations for eye care projects in Africa, Asia and South America.

The Week of Sight, an annual event co-organized by the Christian Blind Mission (CBM), raises awareness of the importance of vision, the causes of preventable blindness and the situation of the blind. ZEISS has been supporting the event since early 2002.

Week of Vision
Annual CBM Action Week

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ICO Fellowship

Training as key to good medical treatment

ICO Fellowship

Experience shows: In the economically weaker regions of the world, training can have a direct positive influence on quality of life. As a partner of the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO), Medical Technology from ZEISS supports the ICO Fellowship Program. This scholarship program aims at supporting particularly talented up-and-coming eye care professionals from economically weaker regions.

  • During their internships lasting several months in hospitals hospitals equipped with modern tools, the doctors can improve their skills in ophthalmology and later harness the knowledge gained in their work in their home countries.
  • Especially in rapidly developing economies and in developing countries, well-trained doctors are vital to alleviate the symptoms of eye diseases or to prevent blindness.
  • ZEISS invites up-and-coming doctors from Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia and China and offers them valuable insights into Medical Technology at ZEISS.
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Being able to see pays off

patients in the training center in Paraguay

Access to good ophthalmic care all over the world is not only morally correct, but also an economically sound investment. Every euro that goes to saving eyesight somewhere in the world ensures economic growth and pays for itself many times over. Following cataract surgery, patients regain their independence and can integrate themselves into society and professional life.

Helping others to help themselves: 85-year-old Mateika Martinez (left) was one of the first patients in the training center in Paraguay. Following cataract surgery, she can see again and share her handcraft skills with the next generation.

* PriceWaterhouseCoopers, on behalf of the CBM, 2013, Investing in Vision.

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The Mercy Ships and ZEISS

A Long-standing collaboration

Africa Mercy hospital ship

On-board medical treatment: for people from the poorest regions of the world, the hospital ships of the Mercy Ships medical organization are a blessing. ZEISS has been supporting their work for several years.

  • ZEISS donated tools such as surgical microscopes which the doctors on the hospital ships can use to treat their patients – who are primarily children
  • eye and the spine surgeries are particularly frequent
  • the m/v Africa Mercy hospital ship docks again and again to collect patients on its route between Europe and Africa

Mercy Ships is an international Christian organization. It pursues the goal of improving access to healthcare around the world.

  • Mercy Ships has helped over 2.3 million people since 1978 The organization's staff comprises 400 people from 40 countries who work on the hospital ships on a voluntary basis.
  • so far, the Mercy Ships have visited a total of over 550 ports in 70 countries
  • in addition to operations for people who would not be able to afford such procedures otherwise, Mercy Ships offers further training for local eye surgeons and ophthalmologists
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ZEISS promotes training in dentistry

For perfect vision right from the start

student dentists are shown the practical benefits of microscopy in dentistry

Through cooperations with universities, ZEISS Medical Technology brings microscopy into dentistry training. Thus, the student dentists are shown the practical benefits of microscopy in dentistry in concrete terms – for example in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania.

  • at the Dental Medicine Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania which was opened in March 2013, ZEISS equipped 23 workstations with surgical microscopes for dentistry
  • having achieved their doctorates, students here are educated within the scope of academic further training programs in the area of root therapy
  • ZEISS also supports the international training programs of the University of Pennsylvania, which improve the quality of treatment with training programs around the world, for instance in Korea, Japan, India and Germany
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