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Innovation Technology for the Treatment of Breast Cancer

intrabeam operation


INTRABEAM® is an innovative system for breast cancer therapy that was tested in numerous clinical studies. In general, women who have had a malignant tumor removed first undergo chemotherapy followed by several weeks of radiotherapy.

INTRABEAM allows doctors to irradiate any remaining cancer cells in the tumor bed with targeted high dosage radiation during the operation. This procedure is very accurate and gentle on the surrounding healthy tissue and is performed immediately, not after the chemotherapy.


Many patients can benefit from this approach – through a shortened radiotherapy period following the operation or, in suitable cases, through the elimination of this external radiotherapy. INTRABEAM also provides doctors with additional treatment alternatives. They can tailor the therapy to the patient and her disease.

Today – INTRABEAM for the Treatment of Spinal Metastases


After the TARGIT-A study in 2010 impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of treating breast cancer with INTRABEAM, a pilot study is evaluating the success in the targeted, minimally invasive and gentle treatment of extremely painful spinal metastases with intraoperative radiotherapy.

At the same time, the vertebra destroyed by cancer can be restored in the combined surgical-radiotherapeutic procedure.