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New Method for Refractive Corneal Surgery


2006 – VisuMax

A relatively young product is on its way to becoming a new standard in refractive surgery:
the VisuMax® femtosecond laser, whose light pulses are so short, and yet so intensive, that they do not heat or damage the surrounding tissue during the incision.

Surgeons have been successfully using this system since 2006 for procedures to correct visual acuity by means of a laser.

Today – ReLEx smile

A new method, ReLEx® smile permits the minimally invasive laser correction of visual defects for the first time. What does this mean? Unlike traditional methods, the corneal incision is considerably smaller and surgeons can work without a large opening of the cornea.

This new procedure is therefore particularly gentle. Doctors and patients also benefit from the short treatment time: ZEISS has therefore established another milestone in refractive corneal surgery.

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ReLex Smile
ReLex Smile
ReLex Smile