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Ophthalmic Devices

Efficient solutions for a smooth workflow

In Ophthalmology, the Company offers mainly products and solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of eye
diseases, as well as systems and consumables for cataract, retinal and refractive surgery. A distinction is made
in Ophthalmology between conditions such as vision defects (refraction), cataracts, glaucoma and other retinal
disorders, the incidence of which particularly increases with age and can become chronic in many cases.
The aim of the Carl Zeiss Meditec Group is to enable an efficient diagnosis and treatment through integrated
products and systems that are geared to the procedures of the attending physician. Customers here are both
practicing ophthalmologists and physicians and surgeons in hospitals and outpatient surgery centers.

The Company supplies a comprehensive range of laser and diagnostic systems. The product portfolio in the area of refractive surgery primarily includes systems and consumables for minimally invasive refractive surgery. For many clients, optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices, perimetry devices and tonometers for intraocular pressure measurement are indispensable tools in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases such as glaucoma. An important focus is the networking of systems and the integrated management of data, to make workflows in hospitals and medical practices efficient. For this purpose FORUM®, a scalable and flexible data management system, offers a comprehensive, cross-location solution for the evaluation of clinically relevant data from various diagnostic devices and direct access to the full examination history of the patient.

The Carl Zeiss Meditec Group also offers end-to-end solutions for the surgical treatment of eye diseases in the area of cataract and retinal surgery, including a comprehensive selection of intraocular lenses and consumables. The offering in the preoperative area for cataract treatment includes optical biometers. In the operating room, Surgical Ophthalmology supports cataract surgery with ophthalmic surgical microscopes, an OR-assistance system and phacoemulsification/vitrectomy devices. The broadly diversified portfolio of microincision-capable intraocular lenses extends from the standard (monofocal lenses) to the premium segment (e.g. toricmultifocal lenses) and is supplemented by ophthalmic viscoelastics. The OR workstation is further completed by software-based assistance systems such as CALLISTO eye® to assist with the implantation of toricintraocular lenses. The Company aims to deliver value-added to the customer by providing interconnected systems that are precisely tailored to the surgeon's workflow. One example of this is the ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless, with which the Company offers the surgeon a complete, one-stop range of devices for cataract surgery.


Products and product groups (including):
  • Optical coherence tomography (e.g. Cirrus™ HD-OCT, CIRRUS photo)
  • Perimeter (e.g. Humphrey®, Field Analyzer)
  • Fundus cameras (e.g. VISUCAM®, VISUSCOUT®)
  • Slit lamps (e.g. slit lamp SL 130)
  • Therapeutic lasers (e.g. VISULAS YAG III)
  • Refractive lasers (e.g. VisuMax®, MEL® 90)
  • FORUM® - Eye Care Data Management


• Optical biometers (IOLMaster® family)
• Ophthalmic microscopes (OPMI LUMERA® series)
• Phacoemulsification/vitrectomy device (VISALIS® family)
• Intraocular lenses (e.g. AT LISA® series, CT LUCIA®)
• Ophthalmic viscoelastics (e.g. Z-HYALIN® plus)

For more information about our products please visit the ZEISS Medical Technology Website.