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The Process of Laser Eye Surgery

The single steps from start to finish

Your Roadmap to Correcting Vision

Tips for patients interested in laser eye surgery

The road to laser eye surgery can sometimes be confusing. Thinking of the journey as a step-by-step process, from an early interest in laser eye surgery all the way to post-operative care, might make it easier. The following supporting materials will help you learn more about what happens during the process, and answer questions along the way. However, it is recommended to consult with an eye care provider to get more knowledgable of the procedure and to find out whether laser eye surgery might be an option.

The Roadmap Might Include the Following Markers:

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Finding a Doctor

  • Talking to people who have already had laser eye surgery 
  • Obtaining experiences and evaluations via evaluation portals on the Internet
Eye sight test with patient and eye doctor

First Appointment

  • Finding out whether Laser Vision Correction might be a viable option
  • Consulting with a doctor and understanding which procedures are applicable in your case (SMILE , LASIK or PRK/LASEK)
Doctor explains treatment to the patient

Consulting with a Doctor

  • Learning about costs and risks
  • Finding the right treatment method
  • Making a final decision with your doctor about laser eye surgery 
  • Choosing a surgery date
Man on surgical bed for eye treatment

Getting the Treatment

  • Preparing for surgery
  • Undergoing the operation
  • Post-surgery care
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Follow-Up Visit

  • First postoperative visit on the first or second day after surgery
  • Another follow-up visit either the following week or month
  • Returning whenever you have problems

Finding Help Along the Way

Deciding on laser eye surgery is not an easy decision. Understanding each step of the decision process will help in choosing the right doctor and the right procedure. Being well-informed can build confidence in deciding whether to pursue laser eye surgery. Clinics and ophthalmologists are also available to advise and guide through the decision-making process, and can answer specific questions about your individual condition.

Finding the right clinic

Compare clinics before choosing the right one for you

Important for a successful laser vision correction surgery are the right surgeon and the most suitable treatment option for you and your refractive condition.

Tips to help you decide

Preparing for the Procedure

A checklist to ensure you consider everything on your way

The road to laser eye surgery includes understanding costs, finding a clinic, and more. Here are materials available to help you navigate along the way.

Easy preparation for laser eye surgery

Undergoing Laser Eye Surgery

The individual steps of the treatment

Here is some information explaining the processes on the day of surgery.

What to expect on surgery day


What to expect after laser eye surgery

The recovery is different for PRK/LASEK, LASIK and SMILE. However, there are some things you need to know for optimal recovery after laser eye surgery.

Tips for optimal recovery