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Costs of Laser Eye Surgery

What role should the price play

If you are considering laser eye surgery to correct your vision, typical questions about the costs may come to mind: How much will the surgery cost? Is a more expensive procedure the better procedure? Will my health insurance cover the surgery? Are there cost benefits to having surgery over other vision correction aids?

There is no standard price for laser eye surgery. The cost depends upon a number of factors. Whether your health insurance covers the costs of laser eye surgery depends on regional circumstances.

Many patients consider Laser Vision Correction a long-term investment in their eyesight and weigh this one-time investment with the money they typically spend on glasses, contact lenses and care products.

Together, you and your doctor can determine what vision correction solution is best for meeting your individual vision needs and suits your lifestyle.

The More Expensive the Better?

When choosing a surgeon and a clinic for laser eye surgery, there are a number of factors to consider beyond the price. An extremely low price or comparison of prices only at face value may not reflect all relevant factors.

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Costs for laser eye surgery may vary between clinics.

The cost of laser eye surgery can depend on several factors:

  • Treatment procedure 
  • Technology used
  • Severity of vision defect 
  • Location
  • Pre- and after care
  • Services included

If laser eye surgery is a viable option, it is important to consult your physician and your health insurance to talk about the eligibility, the procedure and possible risks. If there are questions regarding the costs or procedure, it is recommended to make an appointment for a counselling interview to get further information. When choosing a doctor, please take his or her experience and expertise into consideration. Together, you and your doctor can determine which option is best for you. Only if all questions have been answered, a well-grounded decision can be made.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Clinic

Everyone ranks what they find important regarding laser eye surgery differently. Some patients prefer clinics that are nearby, others prioritize a surgery date as soon as possible. The majority of patients however consider and search for the following factors below when looking for a clinic. What you find important along with what your expectations are for your surgery is your own decision.

  • Expertise: The specialties, qualifications and trainings in laser eye surgery
  • Experience: The total number of operations performed and results achieved
  • Availability: The option of meeting your potential doctor at your consultations as well as immediately before surgery and the doctor's flexibility in appointments (e.g. appointments in the evening if you are employed)
  • Offerings: Whether the doctor offers all procedures so that you can choose the treatment that is right for you
  • Facility: Whether technology maintenance meets board regulations
  • Trust: Whether you feel that your doctor answers all your questions and does so honestly
  • Price: Whether it includes pre- and post-treatment care and to which extent

Does My Health Insurance Cover the Surgery?

Whether your health insurance covers the costs of your surgery varies with the individual provider and regional basis. Laser eye surgery is often not considered necessary from a medical point of view, so the healthcare plan often does not cover the costs.

Ask your doctor and health insurance company when considering correcting your vision. You may find that the procedure can be partially covered or is tax deductible. Some doctors also offer a payment plan to make laser eye surgery more affordable for you.