ZEISS VISULAS green Maximize your glaucoma workflow with ZEISS SLT

The convenient integration of ZEISS VISULAS green and SLT into the ZEISS Workflows provides high levels of flexibility and efficiency – from beginning to end. Review your patient’s data prior to exam and treatment, perform SLT, then have the ability to review all information in one place post treatment thanks to connectivity to the FORUM® data management solution from ZEISS1

  • Glaucoma therapy
  • Maximize focus
  • Increase efficiency
  • Customize workstation

Safe and effective primary open-angle glaucoma therapy


ZEISS Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is based on the photothermolysis effect, resulting in the effective lowering of the intraocular pressure. The short pulses only interact with the melanin-containing trabecular meshwork cells, leading to intraocular pressure lowering.


Simplified titration process

The selection of laser energy is based on the pigmentation of the patient’s trabecular meshwork. With ZEISS VISULAS green laser technology, no cavitation bubbles are visible and the titration process is simplified. This saves time and reduces unnecessary energy delivery to the patient’s eye.

Unobstructed view of the trabecular meshwork

The rotating aiming beam enables accurate positioning of the laser and improves visibility of the trabecular meshwork during treatment.

Higher homogeneity of laser energy distribution

Every ZEISS SLT laser application with a total diameter of 400 μm consists of 52 squared spots. The squared spot shape ensures a higher homogeneity of the laser energy distribution.

Maximize your focus

Integrated parameter selection

ZEISS VISULAS green incorporates the InsightView display and TouchControl center switch to allow you to keep your eyes on the patient while changing parameters during laser therapy. This unique combination helps to support easy, efficient and highly-focused therapeutic laser treatments for retinal diseases and glaucoma.

Integrated parameter selection

Monitor your settings seamlessly

Reduce equipment-related distractions using ZEISS VISULAS green's InsightView display that shows important treatment settings directly in the eyepiece, improving your ability to maintain focus on your therapy session and your patient.

Experience an improved level of control

Change and adjust the laser parameters while operating the joystick using ZEISS VISULAS green's TouchControl center switch to maintain your concentration on the procedure, without interruption.

Increase your workflow efficiency

Treatment protocols tailored to your practice

Streamline your workflow with customized therapeutic laser protocols, a workflow-oriented user interface and simplified documentation. Save your treatment specifications including your preferred contact lens for multiple users, then access them quickly with a single touch on the TouchControl panel. Reduce your treatment documentation effort with an automated parameter summary immediately after a procedure.

Treatment protocols tailored to your practice

Save your treatment protocols

Review the automated treatment parameter summary

Customize your workstation

Modular design. Maximum comfort.

The modular design of ZEISS VISULAS green can be tailored to your practice needs. Available with a choice of single or dual fiber ports, it can be customized to suit virtually all types of practice and treatment preferences.

  • Karsten Klabe, MD, discusses the benefits of the new ZEISS VISULAS green therapeutic laser with SLT and ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace, and how these solutions aid him with managing his patients with glaucoma.

  • Learn how to get started with your ZEISS VISULAS green – System Overview.


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Laser console with single or dual fiber port

Laser console with single or dual fiber port




InsightView display



TouchControl center switch



TouchControl foot switch



Slit lamp magnification levels

8x, 12x, 20x

5x, 8x, 12x, 20x, 32x

VITE multispot photocoagulation option



Joystick with manual trigger and electronic micromanipulator

Only with manual trigger


Automated treatment parameter summary



Ability to manage treatment data in ZEISS FORUM



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