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ZEISS VELARA A higher level of diabetes care

Automated, integrated, convenient teleretinal solution.

  • Screen early
  • Manage better
  • Complete quality measures

Screen early

Close the gap in diabetes care

The VELARA™ Teleretinal Screening System from ZEISS is a complete solution for retinal screening that facilitates early detection and treatment of diabetic eye disease – all within the convenience of your primary care setting.

Learn how you can optimize your practice workflow and help close the care gap for patients diagnosed with diabetes.

Screen early

Simplicity in the palm of your hand.

Intuitive and easy-to-operate, the ZEISS VELARA 200 fundus camera automatically aligns and focuses, enabling your staff to capture high-quality images of the patient’s retina.

Fast and secure access – from anywhere, at any time.

Board-certified eye care providers can quickly and confidently analyze patient images using the VELARA cloud-based platform and grading application.

Seamless integration improving the continuum of care.

ZEISS VELARA integration software creates and returns the diagnostic report to your patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) for immediate billing, consultation and treatment.

The built-in connectivity with ZEISS FORUM®, makes it easy for you to share data with your patient’s eye care specialist.

Manage better

Improve workflow efficiency

With ZEISS VELARA you can provide complete, connected care to your patients in one clinic visit with results delivered in as little as one day.

Manage better

Streamlining the patient and provider experience.

From image capture to follow-up, ZEISS VELARA saves time, minimizes errors, and promotes better, long-term care for your patients.

Capture: retinal images taken as part of routine exam

Upload: images stored on secure, cloud-based platform

Enhance: algorithm ensures high-quality gradability

Diagnose: images graded by licensed eye care provider

Consult and refer: diagnostic report automatically added to patient’s EMR

Follow-up: data shared with patient’s eye care specialist for on-going treatment

Complete quality measures

Retinal screening at the point of care

HEDIS is one of the health care industry’s most widely used performance improvement tools. When you provide retinal screening at the point of care, you can immediately fulfill the HEDIS requirement for Complete Diabetic Care (CDC) and receive a Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) eligible diagnosis – improving your quality metrics and reimbursement.

Complete quality measures

Retinal screening at the point of care

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    A comprehensive approach to routine retinal screening in the primary care practice.

  • A comprehensive approach to routine retinal screening in the primary care practice.

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