ZEISS Cataract surgery Efficiency without compromise

Efficiency without compromise

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Clinical challenges in cataract

ZEISS cataract surgery Treating dense cataract

Treating dense cataract

When a routine becomes a challenge

Removing hard cataracts can be difficult even to the most experienced cataract surgeons. Patients are typically older, with low visual acuity and coexisting ocular pathologies.

ZEISS cataract surgery Exceeding expectations of premium cataract patients

Exceeding expectations of premium cataract patients

Cataract patients have very high expectations concerning their visual performance after IOL implantation. Wishing to maintain their active lifestyle into high age, they want to perform most daily activities without visual aids.

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ZEISS Surgical Webinar Series
ZEISS Surgical Webinar Series

Surgical Webinar Series

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Virtual Showroom

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