See beyond the surface: ZEISS PRIMUS 200
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Seeing beyond the surface. ZEISS PRIMUS 200
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
The Essential OCT ZEISS PRIMUS 200
  • AMD
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Glaucoma

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The ideal, first OCT to grow your practice.
The ideal, first OCT to grow your practice. ZEISS PRIMUS 200
  • Identify pathologies earlier
  • Manage more advanced diseases
  • Elevate your practice profile

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OCT for retina, glaucoma, and anterior segment imaging


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Build your practice with OCT

The pioneer in OCT technology now introduces an ideal OCT for private practices. Simple and intuitive in its design, PRIMUS 200 helps you elevate your practice with:

  • a broader range of services
  • an enhanced patient experience
  • optimized practice workflow for you and your staff
PRIMUS 200: Brilliant B-scans

Identify pathologies earlier

  • Onboard pathology library for anterior and posterior image referencing
  • Brilliant B-scans of retina and choroid, clear fundus images
  • Qualitative and quantitative tools for clearer assessments of your patient's condition
PRIMUS 200: Identify and monitor Glaucoma patients

Manage more patients

  • Manage a broader range of diseases
  • Visualize retinal conditions with high-definition imaging
  • Identity and monitor at-risk patients for glaucoma with comprehensive reports
PRIMUS 200: Advanced OCT technology

Increase practice efficiency

  • Simple 3-step smart workflow to minimize patient chair time
  • Intuitive for operators at any level
  • Advanced gold-standard OCT technology in an elegant, compact design

Key Features

PRIMUS 200: Sharp fundus images / High resolution B-scans

High-Definition B-scans and fundus imaging

PRIMUS 200 high resolutions B-scans reveal critical details to help you effectively manage a broad range of diseases. Clear sharp fundus images confirm the B-scan placement on the retina.

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PRIMUS 200: Minimize chin-time

Minimal chin-time

  • Wide refraction range allows you to scan high myopia patients and increase patient throughput
  • Ability to scan as small as 2mm pupil with no dilation, helps with patient comfort
PRIMUS 200: Operator-independent scan placement

Operator-independent scan placement

Auto FoveaFinder™ and AutoCenter™ let operators of any skill level correctly position the scans on the fovea or optic nerve head. This ensured optimal repeatability on RNFL and ONH measures as well as allows visit-to-vist comparison of B-scans taken at the same.

PRIMUS 200: Simple 3-step smart workflow

Report driven navigation

Simple 3-Step Smart Workflow
  • Select: Report Driven Workflow enables selection of desired reports to automatically generate the required scan-protocols for acquisition.
  • Capture: System-guided navigation leads you through easy acquisition protocols, and helps optimize scan quality with real time signal strength feedback.
  • Review: Pre-selected reports are automatically prepared for you to scan and select with the click of a button.

Technical Data

OCT Imaging
Methodology  Spectral Domain OCT 
Optical source  Super Luminescent Diode (SLD), 840 nm 
A-scan depth 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024 Points
Axial resolution 5±1 μm (in Tissue)
Transverse resolution ≤ 20 μm (in Tissue, FWHM)
Fundus Imaging 
Methodology Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) 
Live fundus image During alignment 
Optical source Super Luminescent Diode (SLD), 840 nm 
Field of view 29º H x 21º V 
Transverse resolution ≤ 80 μm (in Tissue) 
Scan Reports
Retina analysis Macular thickness using Auto FoveaFinder™
5 Line HD with adjustable orientation
1 Line HD with adjustable orientation 
Glaucoma analysis ONH and RNFL analysis using AutoCenter™ 
Anterior segment Angle view
Cornea view 
Electrical and Physical 
Weight  40 kg (88 lbs)
Dimensions of instrument 120L x 80W x 150H (cm)
Fixation Internal, External
Internal fixation focus adjustment -23D to +17D (Diopters)
Pupil Size requirement   > 2mm
Internal Computer
Operating system / processor Windows 7/Intel Core i3-2330E
Memory 4 GB
Hard drive / internal storage 500GB/2.5inch
23” (resolution: 1366 x 768) 
USB ports 4 ports 
Ethernet ports 2 ports, 10/100 with 2 independent IP addresses

More Information


The essential OCT

Page(s): 14
Filesize: 8,029 kB


How to read the reports

Page(s): 12
Filesize: 975 kB


The essential OCT

Page(s): 14
Filesize: 8,029 kB


How to read the reports

Page(s): 12
Filesize: 975 kB

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