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ZEISS will donate $2 USD for every correct answer to a charity project.

Watch 20 years of the ZEISS IOLMaster and celebrate with us.

September 14, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the IOLMaster® from ZEISS and the long, ongoing journey to further develop and improve IOL power calculation. In honor of this occasion, ZEISS is donating up to $20,000 USD to the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) to support a project to fight against avoidable blindness among children in Kenya.

Play the quiz and benefit a good cause

For every correct answer you give, ZEISS will donate $2 USD to support the expansion of the Tenwek Eye Clinic in Kenya. The primary target group of this project are severely visually impaired and blind children from rural regions.

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CBM and the Tenwek Eye Clinic in Kenya

Learn more about our charity partner CBM and the project we support in Kenya.

Celebrate with us 20 years of optical biometry

Together with you, we have been working hard and can proudly look back on 20 years of innovations in optical biometry. But we are far from finished…

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Terms & conditions quiz
ZEISS has devised an online quiz to celebrate 20 years of biometry. For every correct answer, ZEISS will donate a specified cash sum to a charitable project run by the Christoffel Mission for the Blind. The sum always appears on the quiz website. ZEISS reserves the right to adjust this sum at any time. Contestants can only win the sum if they answer all the questions correctly. Once they’ve completed the quiz, contestants will have the chance to further boost their winnings by sharing the website on Facebook or Instagram. Their total will be displayed at the end of the quiz.
Players can then use the quiz app to view their total and that of other players.
To allow as many people as possible to take part, every player may only attempt the quiz once. Cookies are used to ensure this happens. For this reason, every player must activate cookies in their browser in order to take part in the quiz.
In the interests of fraud prevention, a daily maximum cash sum will be offered. This sum may also be adjusted at any time. The maximum cash prize available to all players for the duration of the quiz is USD 20. ZEISS is entitled to end the promotion at any time, without giving reasons. The proceeds will then be donated to CBM.
In the event of tampering, a technical error or if the donation is manipulated in any other way, e.g. through hacking, bots or the use of click farms, ZEISS reserves the right to make a donation to CBM that differs from the official amount shown.