Celebrating 25 years of innovation in Glaucoma

Innovation at ZEISS is an ongoing process. We know that early disease detection and disease progression management are important for you and your patients. Journey with us today through the various technologies we have discovered and made better because of your contribution to the field of glaucoma management. Celebrate with us!

25 years of innovation in glaucoma


Celebrate with us 25 years of innovation in glaucoma! Explore the interactive timeline and see how have the ZEISS technologies evolved over the years and have changed the way glaucoma is managed.


ZEISS launches the first OCT for use in ophthalmic clinics.


SITA algorithm was published to empower exclusively HFA perimetry.

A new generation of algorithms for computerized threshold perimetry, SITA

Gold standard ONH assessment was pioneered by Stratus.


Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™) advanced the doctors’ ability to differentiate true change from random variability.

GPA™ tracks glaucoma progression through complete patient history of visual fields.

3-D SmartCube introduced dynamic data through ZEISS CIRRUS.

3-D SmartCube from Spectral Domain OCT allows dynamic data analysis and micro-structural visualization for every CIRRUS® user.

The industry’s first groundbreaking integration of OCT and visual field diagnostic analysis launched exclusively with FORUM® from ZEISS.

Structure and function status at-a-glance highlights signs of glaucoma progression for efficient assessment and timely intervention.

Comprehensive anterior assessment functionality was added to CIRRUS OCT.

Anterior and posterior analysis for well-rounded glaucoma diagnosis from a single CIRRUS OCT device.

Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) becomes the first perimeter to introduce patented Liquid Lens technology for refractive correction.

Liquid Trial Lens™ automation for refraction setting streamlines patient setup for visual fields tests.

SITA Faster enabled the most efficient threshold visual field test in gold standard perimetry.

SITA™ Faster 2x less 24-2 test time without any clinically significant difference vs the benchmark; a new 24-2C test adds macula points.

Microvasculature dynamic analysis comes from PLEX Elite to CIRRUS.

Microcapillary visualization through Swept Source research with PLEX Elite 9000 enthuses applications of microvasculature dynamic analysis with CIRRUS AngioMetrix in glaucoma clinics. Curtesy of Prof. C. Leung, Hong Kong University

A peer perspective:

Listen to real world experiences from your peers on various aspects of how technologies have supported in improving patient education, compliance, management over time, and overall vision preservation.

Improving Efficiency and Workflows in Glaucoma Management

Optimizing Glaucoma Management from Structure-Function to Progression

Operating at the speed of diagnostics in the upgraded Glaucoma Workflow

Maximize your glaucoma workflow with ZEISS SLT

Introducing ZEISS VISULAS green with SLT: Discover an efficient glaucoma treatment experience with the integrated SLT option on your VISULAS green laser.

  • Increase your glaucoma workflow efficiency - from treatment to documentation.
  • Safe and effective primary open-angle glaucoma therapy.
  • Comfortable and intuitive operation.
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CIRRUS 6000 and Glaucoma Workplace structure-function map are currently not commercially available in the US.
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