Meet the Experts

ZEISS EGS booth #11 - 13

Monday, June 6

10:40 - 11:10

Glaucoma management using SITA Faster and 24-2C

Dr. Francesco Oddone, MD, PhD
Head of the Glaucoma Unit at the Britannic Hospital, IRCCS Fondazione Bietti, Rome, Italy

Glaucoma Workplace: fine-tuning glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring

Dr. Néstor Ventura-Abreu, MD, PhD, FEBO
Glaucoma Specialist, Institut Clínic d'Oftalmologia, Barcelona, Spain

Tuesday, June 7

15:45 - 16:15

SITA Faster and 24-2C, practice and perspectives

Dr. Antonio Moreno Valladares, MD, PhD
Unidad de Glaucoma, Servicio Oftalmología CHUA, Albacete, Spain

Glauco Club: a multicenter approach to the optimal management of Glaucoma by a unique group of users in Spain

Dr. Ignacio Rodriguez-Una, MD, PhD, FEBO,
Glaucoma consultant, Instituto Oftalmologico Fernandez-Vega, Oviedo. Spain