See how one clinic reduced chart errors by 76%.

Here’s how ZEISS Diagnostic Suites can reduce errors that slow you down:

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[00:02:22] Video: Practice Workflow enabled by FORUM

Minimize the occurrence of missing/incorrect records during patient encounters

Save up to 90 minutes of wasted time per week tracking down errant test results.1
  • ZEISS FORUM® central database ensures consistent assignment of test results to the right patient.
  • FORUM makes all your patient test results available whenever you want them.
  • NEW ZEISS Retina Workplace and Glaucoma Workplace allow immediate access to patient’s entire diagnostic test history for real-time decision-making.
Seamless practice workflow - enabled by FORUM

Seamless practice workflow - enabled by FORUM

Reduce time spent entering, editing and merging data

Extend the power of your EMR to schedule tests and review results.
  • FORUM sends patient information to diagnostic instruments, which saves time and reduces data entry errors.
  • FORUM can receive patient data from your EMR to eliminate duplicate data entry entirely.
  • Integrate instruments from ZEISS and other vendors through FORUM’s DICOM and HL7 interfaces.

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[00:00:58] Video: Retina Workplace Demo

Access the right patient information anywhere, anytime

Interact with your patient’s entire diagnostic test history on a single screen.
  • FORUM delivers test results from all your diagnostic instruments for review and analysis in the lane. 
  • Easily follow macular thickness history with NEW Retina Workplace and interactively assess up to three retinal imaging data sets (OCT and fundus images) simultaneously.
  • Rapid glaucoma assessments are supported by Glaucoma Workplace Combined Report which shows possible correlation between structural and functional data.

Doctors confirm:

Read what your colleagues have to say about how ZEISS has helped them save time.

“I lose easily 5 minutes of my time for every error made by staff entering patient demographics directly into a device. FORUM integration with our EHR and our devices has cut mis-identified patients from 9% to around 1%. For a doctor who sees 60 patients per day, three days per week, that adds up to 90 minutes of wasted time per week tracking down errant test results.”

– Glaucoma Specialist, U.S. high volume practice

“Adopting an image management system to incorporate with your EHR saves time on many levels... One, it saves time for technicians or optometrists or yourself actually finding one way or another to manually put that information in. I think it improves the quality of the images, as well as reduces the risk of error. Furthermore, it’s more efficient.” 2

– David Goldman, MD, Goldman Eye in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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See how to reduce chart errors

Learn how ZEISS Diagnostic Suites can reduce errors that slow you down.

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1 Pandit RR, Boland MV. Impact of digital imaging and communications in medicine workflow on the integration of patient demographics and ophthalmic test data. Ophthalmology. 2015 Feb;122(2):227-32.
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