Simplify setup for visual field tests and improve confidence in the results.

Here’s how the ZEISS Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 can accelerate clinic flow:

Simplify patient setup with the Liquid Trial Lens

Simplify patient setup with the Liquid Trial Lens

Simplify patient setup

The NEW HFA3 with the Liquid Trial Lens™ automatically sets each patient's refractive correction.
  • Eliminate walking to/from trial lens case and searching for the right lens.
  • Eliminate the risk of compromised visual fields due to incorrect refraction.
  • Suitable for most patients due to spherical correction of -/+8 diopter and using best spherical equivalent.
HFA3 automatically loads your patient worklist

HFA3 automatically loads your patient worklist

Seamlessly integrate visual fields into your practice environment

Be assured that the correct patient will be selected, with a click of a button.
  • HFA3 can receive patient exam schedules from your EMR or ZEISS FORUM® data management system. 
  • HFA3 works with FORUM and ZEISS CIRRUS™ HD-OCT to generate combined structure and function reports in a single display.
  • Transmit test results to FORUM or your EMR for viewing in the lane.

HFA3 report using RelEYE

HFA3 report using RelEYE

Improve confidence in test results

Assess patient attentiveness or alignment and verify that the test results are reliable.
  • Monitor patient's eye position on HFA3 with RelEYE™, for any stimulus point, during the test
  • ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace with RelEYE compares current exam with any prior exam at any test point to help you assess if change is real. 
  • RelEYE may reveal common testing problems, such as ptosis or misalignment of the eye relative to the trial lens holder.

Doctors confirm:

Hear from your colleagues how ZEISS has helped them save time.

“The liquid lens is a great feature of the new HFA3. After 500 patient exams, I have yet to need to use a manual trial lens. The Liquid Lens saves time, avoids errors from choosing the wrong lens and improves my ability to perform visual fields.”

– Murray Fingeret, OD, FAAO
Clinical Professor, SUNY College of Optometry


“We have noticed that with the HFA3 compared to its predecessor, we save 4 min per eye during a visual field test. From the beginning, through the analysis, and importing processes into EMR (electronic medical records), this is a significant savings in time… It allows the MD’s to schedule more testing in a day.”

– T. Simonsen, COA
East Bay Eye Center


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