ZEISS AT LISA tri family

Reaching highest patient satisfaction. Again and again.

Performance proven in more than 75 peer-reviewed publications.

AT LISA® tri family from ZEISS has repeatedly been the focus of scientific investigations when evaluating the performance of presbyopia-correcting IOLs. It has become the reference trifocal IOL, having been featured in numerous comparative analyses with other trifocal IOLs. Throughout these investigations, ZEISS AT LISA tri family has continually confirmed their excellent performance.

Excellent visual outcomes proven in peer-reviewed publications with more than 4,500 patients.

Outcomes from more than 4,500 patients implanted with ZEISS AT LISA tri family have already been analyzed in peer-reviewed articles. In evaluating these patient outcomes, surgeons have overwhelmingly discovered the same thing over and over again: high satisfaction and excellent visual outcomes. Thanks to this high predictability, you are able to constantly deliver optimal patient care.

Analyzed by 60 different surgeons in more than 20 countries, showing high suitability for patients worldwide.

Proven results and high patient satisfaction of the ZEISS AT LISA tri family are not confined to one region. Rather, outstanding results of peer-reviewed studies have been published by 60 different first authors from more than 20 countries. ZEISS AT LISA tri family prove to deliver high visual quality to patients worldwide, regardless of their origin.

Excellent patient satisfaction confirmed in peer-reviewed publications.

Numerous peer-reviewed publications investigated patient-reported outcomes after ZEISS AT LISA tri IOL implantation. Repeatedly, surgeons confirmed high patient satisfaction, further proving the excellent performance of the reference trifocal technology.

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A presbyopia-correcting IOL with excellent outcomes.
The reference trifocal IOL AT LISA tri from ZEISS.

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ZEISS AT LISA tri family

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