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Demo App and ORvis App

ZEISS has developed two new sales and service iOS apps used for internal purposes. They are available in the Apple App store. 

Demo App

The fastest way to create, download and install ZEISS MED demo licenses

demo app

The ZEISS Demo App enables the sales representatives of the medical technology business area to immediately create temporary software licenses for ZEISS KINEVO 900 at the customer site. Our customers therefore do not have to wait when they want to test new software functionality. 


Please send any feedback, questions or feature ideas to: apps .mcs .meditec @zeiss .com

This app is available for iPhone.

ORvis App

Increase consulting quality and create customer excitement

ORvis App

The all new ORvis App is extremely easy to use and now available to help you to:

  • Improve the quality of customer consulting

    by enabling the potential new product to be integrated virtually quickly and easily into the existing customer environment.

  • Create more customer excitement and involvement

    with this "digital and virtual presentation" of the potential new product in their surroundings.

  • Increase sales efficiency

    by using the millimeter-accurate CAD models of our products, which can be sent directly to the architects at the touch of a button.

Please send any feedback, questions or feature ideas to: apps .mcs .meditec @zeiss .com

This app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Please be advised that in addition to our general Data Protection rules the following statements apply:
ZEISS Demo and ZEISS ORvis process personal data provided by the ZEISS ID. The data is exclusively used for the purpose of user authentication and authorization for this applications. Beyond this, no personal information will be processed by the ZEISS Demo and ZEISS ORvis App.