ZEISS Medical Technology Goes Digital

ZEISS Medical Technology Goes Digital

Opening Up New Horizons

Two Software Sites in Focus

Digital Solutions: Part 1

Two Software Sites in Focus

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Our Stories: Part 2

Digital Solutions: Part 2

How ZEISS Software Supports Doctors

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Test your knowledge and skills in two parts

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Digital Solutions in ZEISS Medical Technology

Today, digital technologies are part and parcel of our everyday private and working lives – to an extent we would never have believed possible just a short time ago. Traveling parents can contact their kids any time by video call, remote banking is already a way of life for a lot of people, and bus, train and flight schedules can be displayed on smartphones in next to no time.

Digitization is also an excellent opportunity for the healthcare sector, allowing for software-supported visualization techniques for life-saving brain surgery, digital logistics for intraocular lenses, the networking of the eye doctor's practice, or the pooling of information on 50,000 cataract operations in a comprehensive clinical database that helps doctors improve treatment outcomes:

Explore a fascinating, two-part expedition through digital solutions and offerings from ZEISS Medical Technology.

  • First part: We introduce Munich and Bangalore, two of our software sites. Read or listen to the conversation between team leaders Falk Hartwig and Ashish Modi. Read more!

  • Second part: How does the software developed in Munich and Bangalore support doctors in achieving these optimal treatment outcomes for their patients? Read more!


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Digitization in Medical Technology in Facts & Figures