Bundled Digital Power

Part 1: Bundled Digital Power

Focusing on two ZEISS Medical Technology software sites

At the ZEISS Innovation Days at ZEISS headquarters in Oberkochen in June, two software experts just missed each other: Ashish Modi traveled some 7000 kilometers from his home in Bangalore, India. By comparison, his counterpart Falk Hartwig lives just a hop, skip and a jump away in Munich. They are both in charge of teams that develop the algorithms, applications and software architecture that ensure the functionality and high performance of the company‘s products and solutions.

They recently spoke on the phone about what must now be done. Munich and Bangalore are two of the four ZEISS Medical Technology software sites. The other two are Dublin, California, and Jena, where software development is becoming increasingly vital to the digital transformation.

Stay tuned. Next week you will learn how software from ZEISS is helping doctors and medical personnel.

"Software becomes increasingly important for supporting costumers"

A conversation between Falk Hartwig and Ashish Modi


Falk: Hi Ashish, how are you? I hope you had a nice trip back to India… and that you enjoyed the ZEISS Innovation Days in Oberkochen where software was a central topic.

Ashish: Hi Falk, I did. Last time we met, you mentioned that Munich started nearly ten years ago. Do you remember what your objectives were back then?

Falk: Has it really been that long? It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. The Munich site opened 10 years ago with a small team which grew over the years. We all knew that the amount of software in ZEISS Medical Technology products was growing and that software was becoming increasingly important for supporting our customers in their daily work. On the other hand, we wanted to benefit from Munich as a high-tech location. As you know Munich is the most important place for IT and software in Germany. ...


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Bundled Digital Power: Focusing on two ZEISS Medical Technology software sites

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