Part 1: Bundled Digital Power

Focusing on two ZEISS Medical Technology software sites

"Being close to the customer"


Ashish: Things seem to have worked out. I think that your team in Munich is supporting customers with a lot of initiatives and ideas for applications and workflow improvements using digital technologies and software…

Falk: Without a doubt. The ZEISS Cataract Suite is a prime example of this. We not only succeeded in hiring talented people, but we also benefited from the IT cluster in cooperation with universities and hospitals. It’s very helpful to be very close to customers. But now let’s talk about Bangalore. I think your track record over the past few years is also pretty impressive.

Ashish: As you know, CARIn, the Center for Application and Research in India, was launched four years ago with the task of building products and applications for the RDEs. We did ramp up a team in a reasonable amount of time and were able to build and grow a very strong team. We recently launched PRIMUS, our first full product, which is, for example, ideally suited for the detection and management of retinal diseases in India and for the global market. It is an easy-to-use and reasonably priced device for optical coherence tomography (OCT), and it was launched in India early this year. The start has been promising and we now need to build on that and help ZEISS make big strides in the nonconsumption market. This is just a beginning and we have so many exciting projects in the pipeline that we can hardly waste any time sleeping.

Falk: But you look as full of energy as ever! What do you think is one of the keys to your success?

Ashish: CARIn was set-up with the very specific task of innovating in the market. This has really worked for us because team members can connect their work to the customer needs. They clearly see the challenges that our customers face and can see how their work can help our customers overcome these challenges. This not only helps them create superior solutions compared to our competitors, but also gives them a sense of fulfillment in having satisfied a customer need. It is also a nice feeling to know that your work has contributed to the success of ZEISS. This keeps the team energized and motivated, and results in high employee retention even though we are in a highly competitive market where every multinational is on the lookout for talent. But what about you? What’s important in Germany?

Falk: Off the top of my head, I can think of three important topics. First: being close to the customer. Second: being close to the customer and third: being close to the customer. Software in today’s world is application specific, meaning that more than 90 per cent of what our software people do has a direct impact on the customer. Understanding the real customer problem in every detail is vital. It is something that the entire team must do. Therefore, we invest a lot of effort on this, for instance we hold wet labs for our people – every one working at the ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless for example had to implant lenses themselves – of course using pig eyes. We use a lot of wet labs with customers, spend time in the OR, and we start our validation process with customers very early. Prototypes, screen mockups etc. are discussed with customers in very early phases.


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Bundled Digital Power: Focusing on two ZEISS Medical Technology software sites

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