Streamlining your refractive cataract workflow.

ZEISS EQ Workplace

ZEISS EQ Workplace

The latest addition to the ZEISS Cataract Suite

The new EQ Workplace® from ZEISS is the latest addition to the ZEISS Cataract Suite that helps you to streamline your refractive cataract workflow. From biometry, calculating, selecting and ordering IOLs to surgical planning, and even post-operative data collection, it supports you to save time during pre-operative processes, further protect against never-events, access your data from anywhere and personalize your IOL constants.

Save time during pre-operative processes

Save time during pre-operative processes
Make informed decisions and save time

Based on FORUM® from ZEISS, the ZEISS EQ Workplace enables single-click data transfer and auto-population of data, saving you time pre-operatively. Access biometry and diagnostic data remotely, and calculate and select IOLs based on a comprehensive review of all relevant diagnostic data – anytime, anywhere.

Pre-plan your surgery remotely

Connect directly to your CALLISTO eye® from ZEISS to prepare your surgical assistance functions from anywhere in your clinic. When starting your surgery all relevant assistant functions are already preset – saving you and your staff valuable OR time.

Further protect against never-events

Further protect against never-events

The ZEISS EQ Workplace provides you with a new level of protection against never-events by streamlining and automating the following processes:

  • ZEISS IOLMaster data transfers automatically to the ZEISS EQ Workplace and populates the relevant data fields for IOL calculation and selection
  • IOL data copies directly into your IOL order
  • For ZEISS CALLISTO eye, IOL and surgical assistance data is transferred automatically
  • Verify if the IOL you have selected pre-surgically is the one at hand by comparing the IOL information with the data on the ZEISS CALLISTO eye screen
  • For ZEISS IOL users, the ZEISS EQ Mobile app lets you confirm the selected IOL by activating the ZEISS CALLISTO eye planning data and then scanning the respective barcode on the IOL package

Access your data from anywhere

ZEISS EQ Mobile app
Doctor Using Smartphone

ZEISS EQ Mobile app

The ZEISS EQ Mobile app for iOS automatically uploads biometric and surgical planning data to a cloud instance for remote access via your iPad or iPhone. Thus you have access to relevant data wherever you go, which is especially beneficial if you practice at several clinics.

Ad-hoc wireless data transfer to ZEISS CALLISTO eye

ZEISS EQ Mobile permits an ad-hoc WiFi connection with ZEISS CALLISTO eye. This way patients can be flexibly selected, and patient data sets can be transferred from the app, allowing for ease and adaptability in your surgery list.

Personalize your IOL constants

Review pre- and post-operative refraction data and decide which data sets you would like to use to personalize your IOL constants. These personalized constants can then be used for future calculations. Patient data is collected anonymously and transferred to the new ZEISS EQ Workplace Webservice – providing you with seamless personalization of IOL constants.

ZEISS EQ Workplace at the Optegra Eye Clinic, London

Challenges in today’s cataract workflow and the ZEISS EQ Workplace


ZEISS EQ Workplace

Streamlining your refractive cataract workflow

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