Digital Data Management


Apps in ENT surgery

Case documentation including collecting, storing and organizing images and videos can be tedious when multiple procedures are performed during the day. EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS with the ZEISS Connect App offers an easy and efficient pathway to structured data management.

Prof. Mark Praetorius from University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany shares his view on Digital Data Management with ZEISS EXTARO 300. Hear what benefits he identifies.

An integrated documentation tool is definitely something that is very helpful…

Prof. Mark Praetorius, University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany

Structured Data Management

Watch the video below and learn how the ZEISS Connect App allows you to easily organize, structure and store your images and videos of the procedures you perform throughout the day.

Use the Procedure Architect to structure your records according your customized surgical workflow.


  • Transfer data wirelessly to your existing IT landscape
  • Benefit from automated archiving

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