Impressions from the OR

Quick and easy adjustment or repositioning of an ENT microscope is crucial when multiple procedures are performed throughout the day.

EXTARO 300® from ZEISS enables you to activate all Augmented Visualization modes. In addition, the Varioskop® 230 allows you to reposition the microscope without losing focus in the range of 200mm up to 400mm depending on your procedure.

Listen to how Prof. Mark Praetorius from University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany experienced Single-Handed Operation of ZEISS EXTARO 300.

… there is no need to actually search for a button…

Prof. Mark Praetorius, University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany

Experience Single-Handed Operation for yourself

Click through the interactive demo below and see how the Mode Control button and the Varioskop 230 help to efficiently perform multiple procedures troughout the day. 

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