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Shaping a brighter future with you. ZEISS Neurosurgical Visualization Systems
innovationMADE BY ZEISS

ZEISS Neurosurgical Visualization Systems

Advancing Neurosurgery with Intraoperative Fluorescence1 and Surgical Microscopes

Request your personal copy of the clinical publications supporting the use of intraoperative fluorescence in neurosurgery.

  • Sodium fluorescein–guided resection under the YELLOW 560 nm surgical microscope filter in malignant brain tumor surgery—a feasibility study (K.-A. Schebesch, A. Brawanski et al.)
  • Fluorescence-guided resections using 5-ALA. A practical guide for the implementing surgeon (W. Stummer)
  • Enhanced analysis of intracerebral arterioveneous malformations by the intraoperative use of analytical indocyanine green videoangiography: technical note (C. Schichor, F. Faber et al.)
  • INFRARED 800 video angiography a practical guide for the surgeon (A. Raabe)

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ZEISS has been innovating for more than 60 years, supporting clinicians in expanding and evolving clinical procedures in the field of microsurgery. We will continue to lead in the future by advancing technologies to the next level as we have done with the latest generation of visualization technologies like intraoperative fluorescence from ZEISS.


  • INFRARED 800 – Supports real time visualization of blood flow
  • FLOW 800 – Enables intraoperative visualization of feeding arteries, nidal vessels and draining veins in vascular malformations
  • YELLOW 560 – Allows working under the fluorescent light and still perform hemostasis
  • BLUE 400 – Supports intraoperative differentiation between diseased and healthy tissue in high grade glioma surgeries.

Intraoperative Fluorescence in Action

Experience the clinical impact on surgical outcomes

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Watch how INFRARED 800 supports intraoperative visualization of blood flow ensuring vessel patency in a cerebral aneurysm surgery.

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Experience the benefits of a visualization adjunct that enables working directly under the fluorescent light in research applications.

Image obtained during a clinical investigation

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FLOW 800 from ZEISS

A step-by-step guide to identify feeding arteries, nidal vessels and draining veins while treating a vascular malformation like angioma.

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BLUE 400 from ZEISS

Learn how BLUE 400 technology enables differentiation between healthy and diseased tissue during a left parietal resection of a high grade glioma tumor.

See how clinicians globally are advancing intraoperative

Views of leading clinicians on the benefits of intraoperative fluorescence

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Christian Schichor, M.D.

Shares his experiences of a vasular surgery on a young patient where FLOW 800 proved to be an important visualization tool in making the right decisions.

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Karl-Michael Schebesch, M.D.

Shares how the yellow application in fluorescence reveals a clear cut border between tumors and normal brain. Watch the video to learn more.

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Experts around the world

Learn from their experiences in using FLOW 800 as an important adjunct during challenging vascular applications.

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Alexander Brawanski, M.D., Ph.D.

Shares his views on the latest technologies from ZEISS including the integrated fluorescence options and how these technologies support in improving patient outcomes.

1Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.