Forum - Eye Care Data Management

Release notes

    Version Major Changes
    FORUM 4.2.4

    Bug-Fix Version for FORUM 4.2.x:

    • Additional support of Windows Server 2019 and macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
    • CIRRUS 6000 RAW data replacement icons added
    • Improved stability on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
    • Improved security regarding IIOP protocol
    • Fixed server cache management to avoid problems when generating EMR-XML files
    • Fixed log file management to avoid excessive generation of error logs
    FORUM 4.2.3

    Bug-Fix Version for FORUM 4.2.x

    • Corrected errors in the FORUM storage functionality regarding file-handling, DICOM-Header-Updates, NAS-Integration
    • Optimized symbolic link mechanism for backup / restore
    • Installer: check storage availability and installation folder before starting the installation,
    • Uninstallation: Corrected error for removal of DICOM storage data
    • Ability to include the additional plugin “FORUM OCT Navigator” from FORUM 4.2.2 (separately sold and licensed feature)
    • Minor performance enhancements
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    FORUM 4.2.2

    Bug-Fix Version for FORUM 4.2.x with an additional plugin “FORUM OCT Viewer”

    • A more efficient displaying in the FORUM Viewer of OP images and B-scans with the already existing 3x1 matrix. This OCT Viewer is realized as a additional plugin to FORUM Viewer.
    FORUM 4.2.1

    Performance Optimization Version:

    • Enhanced performance to process data encoded in JPEG-2000 and JPEG-lossless
    • Enhanced performance to process data of high resolution image datasets
    • Enhanced performance to view high resolution image datasets in FORUM Viewer
    • Added information for main version of SW
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes 
    FORUM 4.2

    Enhancements regarding usability in clinical workflows:

    • Consistent Full Screen Behaviour incl. Document Navigation (from Document Display and from Thumbnail Gallery,)
    • Enhanced Visit History showing Document Categories
    • (Bulk) Export of DICOM data (… for selected Thumbnails / … of all DICOM elements of a patient)
    • Ability to measure distances in Callisto Eye OCT-Data (in case Pixel Spacing provided)
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

    Enhancements regarding integration:

    • Update of EMR XML Interface (more consistency regarding data types)
    • Ability to integrate with Remote User Directory Services (LDAP)
    • Ability to support SingleSignOn Scenarios (SSO via Kerberos)
    • Ability to support Date Format independent of language (here: U.K. vs. U.S.A.)
    • Enhanced Security regarding transmission protocols between Server, Clients, and Workplaces ("https")
    • Operating System updates (Windows Server 2016, Apple OS X 10.13)
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    FORUM 4.1.1
    • Enhanced performance to load and to display data in the Visit History, the Thumbnail Gallery, and the Overview Navigation Screen.
    • Update of UDI for U.S. market
    • Update of supported OSs (+ Apple OS X "Sierra")
    • Providing a Patch-Installer for update of running servers.
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    FORUM 4.1
    • Introduction of interface to "FORUM Hospital IT Integration", utilized to integrate the connection to a Vendor Neutral Archive
    • Fullscreen Document Navigator
    • Possibility to hide the Presets
    • Saving Login-Credentials
    • 4x1 Clinical Displays
    • Adjustment of supported OS (Windows 10, 64bit)
    • Secure communication between FORUM Archive and Viewer as default setting
    • Additional languages supported: Czech
    • Adjustment to electronic user manuals
    • UDI (Unique Device Identification) for US market
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    FORUM 4.0.4
    • Correction of a Java error in FORUM Viewer during first start-up,
    • Enhancement of the AutoConnect component within FORUM Archive to be more resilient when connecting to ZEISS devices
    FORUM 4.0.2
    • Correction of an error in the DICOM processing of FORUM Archive 4.0.1, which could occur in rare situations and could hinder devices and plugins connected to the FORUM server, to successfully retrieve data from FORUM or to evaluate data sent to the FORUM server.
    FORUM 4.0.1
    • Partly new and optimized GUI (look and feel), intuitive navigation;
    • Compliance with special national IT safety standards for Northern European Countries, e.g. limiting user functionality when embedded in leading Information Systems.
    • Integration of additional user group;
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    FORUM 4.0
    • Partly new and optimized GUI (look and feel), intuitive navigation
    • Optimized Plugin interface for FORUM Workplaces, e.g. the Retina Workplace
    • Enhanced interface to administrative tools
    • Compliance with special national IT Safety standards and communication requirements, like NHS patient banner requirements in the UK
    • General enhancement and language support (Separation of Language Bundles from application SW)
    • Enhanced FORUM installation (upgrade directly from all Versions since FORUM 2.6)
    • Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • FORUM LINK net
  • Glaucoma Workplace
    Version Major Changes
    Glaucoma Workplace 3.5
    • Fundus Imaging Review
    • Progression Summary
    • Customizable GUI layout and profiles
    • Advanced 24-2C support
    • IOP plot and 10-2 GPA access in Structure-Function GPA preset
    • “Single-OCT series” display in Structure-Function GPA preset
    • Single-click creation of Structure-Function OU report
    • Bug fixes and usability improvements
    Glaucoma Workplace 3.1.1
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    Glaucoma Workplace 3.1
    • HFA SITA Faster Support
    • CIRRUS Ganglion Cell GPA
    • Advanced CIRRUS GPA display
    • Requires FORUM 4.1 or higher
    Glaucoma Workplace 3.0
    • Combined (HFA + CIRRUS) GPA
    • HFA Superior vs. Inferior MD Hemifield Trend Analysis
    • HFA 10-2 MD Trend Analysis
    • Mixing of HFA SITA Test Strategies in Trend Analysis
    • Clinical Events
    • Import of CCT and IOP
    • Requires FORUM 4.1 or higher
    • Support of Windows 10
    FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 2.0.5
    • Unique Identifier support
    FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 2.0.4
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 2.0.3
    • HFA3 support
    • RelEye support
    • DICOM OPV export
    • Support of Windows 8.1
    FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 2.0
    • Dual Baselines for HFA GPA
    • HFA MD Trend Analysis
    • IOP Plot
    • Add comments to exams
    • Requires FORUM 4.0
    FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 1.0
    • HFA exam review
    • HFA interactive GPA review, incl:
      • VFI Trend Analysis and Event Analysis
      • Change Baselines
      • Include/exclude exams
    • Creation of SFA, GPA and Overview reports for HFA exams
    • Creation of Combined Structure (CIRRUS) and Function (HFA) reports
    • Requires FORUM 3.2
  • Retina Workplace
    Version Major Changes
    Retina Workplace 2.6
    • Support for CIRRUS 6000
    • New OCT-A slab presets and options
    Retina Workplace 2.5.1
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    Retina Workplace 2.5
    • Support for AngioPlex, including Metrix (Quantification)
    • Support for CLARUS ultra-widefield fundus images
    • Fundus-to-AngioPlex registration
    • Measurements and Annotations
    • Ability to define baseline scans
    • 2x1 screen layout
    • Usability improvements
    • Ability to launch Cirrus Review SW
    • Trial Mode
    • Ability to install OCT analysis engine on a separate computer
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    • Requires FORUM 4.1 or higher
    Retina Workplace 2.0.1
    • Compatibility release for FORUM 4.2
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    • Requires FORUM 4.1 or higher
    Retina Workplace 2.0
    • Advanced RPE analysis
    • Enface analysis
    • Minimum Intensity Projection analysis
    • Support for HD Raster scans
    • Raster-to-cube registration, Fundus-to-cube registration, and Fundus-to-raster registration
    • Clinical Events
    • Ability to limit number of OCT exams in chart
    • Support for Windows 10
    • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
    • Requires FORUM 4.0.x or 4.1.x
    Retina Workplace 1.0.4
    • Ability to limit number of OCT exams in chart
    • Requires FORUM 4.0.x
    Retina Workplace 1.0.3
    • Compare up to three exams side by side
    • Visit history in chart
    • Macula Thickness Analysis
    • Macula Change Analysis
    • Registration of fundus images to OCT cubes
    • Requires FORUM 4.0.x
  • EQ Workplace
    Version Major Changes
    EQ Workplace 1.5
    • Integrated review of diagnostic data from multiple modalities
    • Autopopulation of IOLMaster measurement data
    • Integrated IOL calculation with standard formulas (Haigis Suite, Barrett Suite, SRK/T, Holladay 1 and HofferQ) and Z CALC 2.0
    • IOL selection and ordering via e-mail
    • Surgery preparation for CALLISTO eye
    • Post surgery personalization of IOL constants