Integrated data, plus access when and where you need it

Bringing more to glaucoma management

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Structure and Function

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Evolving Glaucoma Management

True diagnostic integration for the preservation of vision

It starts with HFA and OCT. Then you add Combined Reports and the power of GPA. Now, you are bringing even more to glaucoma management.

For many doctors, the management of glaucoma is evolving. By integrating key data sets, ZEISS is empowering you to see glaucoma in a whole new way. Gold standard complementary diagnostic technologies from ZEISS may help you identify those patients with glaucoma and then assess their rate of progression for better disease management. Add the ability to access this information when and where you need it and it‘s clear that glaucoma diagnosis and management is being transformed.

You + ZEISS = Evolving Glaucoma Management

NEW FORUM Glaucoma Workplace

FORUM Glaucoma Workplace provides you with gold standard, complementary diagnostic technologies to support you in solving your challenges in detecting and managing glaucoma.

  • Simplify diagnosis with gold standard HFA-CIRRUS combined reports
  • Quickly view test results when and where you need them
  • Interact with GPA and generate HFA reports in the lane
  • Save time in educating your patients

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24-2 RNFL Combined Report

1. Patient Information
2. Visual Field Test Type
3. HFA Test Data
4. HFA and CIRRUS Combined Structure Function Section
5. CIRRUS OCT Exam and fundus photo section
6. Optional fundus photo
7. RNFL and Ganglion Cell Thickness Deviation Maps (GCL + IPL)
8. Symbol appears if at least one parameter is near a normative limit
9. CIRRUS Data Table with ONH Summary and RNFL Parameters