High Performance Tools for Complex Cases.

Here’s how ZEISS solutions help you assess complex cases in less time

ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography

ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography

Bring today’s advanced diagnostics to your busy clinic

  • New CIRRUS™ HD-OCT Angiography images vessels without dye 
  • New CIRRUS HD-OCT En Face views show pathology in each retinal layer
  • New Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 improves confidence through instant review of patient’s eye position at any stimulus point
  • New IOLMaster® 700 with SWEPT Source Biometry® reveals irregular eye geometries to reduce the risk of refractive surprises
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Retina Workplace

Use intuitive displays to reveal new perspectives for complex pathologies

  • Macular thickness history and three-pane synchronized image review speeds your anti-VEGF treatment decisions.
  • Guided Progression Analysis™ reports rate of change and significant changes in HFA3 and CIRRUS HD-OCT measures.
  • Combined OCT and perimetry reports show possible correlations for glaucoma decision making
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Glaucoma Workplace

Using PACS in your clinical practice

Using PACS in your clinical practice

Protect time for patient care

  • Eliminate flipping through paper charts for test results with ZEISS Glaucoma and Retina Workplace clinical dashboards
  • Reduce administrative tasks with ZEISS connected diagnostics
  • Eliminate redundant data entry with ZEISS connected diagnostics

“With a patient load of 30 patients a day FORUM can save about 5 weeks of work time and 10.000€ in printing costs per year.”1
Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today, Europe, May 2013

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Doctors confirm:

ZEISS supports enhanced decision-making and efficiency.

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Amin Ashrafzadeh, M.D.

“FORUM plays an integral part in everything that we do. With a snap of a finger, you have the exact images that you want to look at, and you can look at the history, you can do the comparisons. You can see how the progression has come about, how it’s changed.”

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Robert Fechtner, M.D.

”I’m just fascinated by the complexity and elegance of our testing equipment, the engineering behind it and the robust datasets that are helping inform me about taking care of patients.”

Humphrey Field Analyzer 3