IOLMaster 700

ZEISS IOLMaster 700

>99% cataract penetration rate1

IOLMaster 700

Next generation biometry from ZEISS

Thanks to its unique SWEPT Source Biometry, the cataract penetration of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 outperforms that of A-scan optical biometry. A comparative clinical study with more than 1200 eyes showed that the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 achieves a cataract penetration rate of more than 99%. As a result, the number of ultrasound cases may be reduced by 92%1 saving you valuable time and lowering the risk of refractive surprises caused by imprecise ultrasound measurements.

Clinical Cases

Subcapsular cataract: slit lamp image (left) and OCT image with the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 (right)>measured successfully

Dense cataract: OCT image with the ZEISS IOLMaster 7002 >measured successfully

White intumescent cataract grade 4+: slit lamp image (left) and ZEISS IOLMaster 700 OCT image with measurement calipers 2 >measured successfully

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  • 1 Nino Hirnschall, Ralph Varsits, Birgit Döller, Oliver Findl; Increasing the number of successful axial eye length measurements using sweptsource optical coherence tomography technology compared to conventional optical biometry; paper in progress
  • 2 Image courtesy of Prof Mario de La Torre, DLT Ophthalmic Diagnostic Center, Peru