Replacing assumptions with measurements.

ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with Total Keratometry

Watch and see why Total Keratometry is a real breakthrough

Extra – exclusive NEW Barrett formulas

The current keratometry standard in IOL power calculation is to only measure the anterior corneal surface and then estimate the total corneal power using model eye assumptions or nomograms. However, this method does not address outliers in cases of unusual corneas, which could result in refractive surprises.

With a software update due for release in 2018, the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with SWEPT Source OCT technology allows you to directly measure the posterior corneal surface. It combines unique telecentric keratometry measurement of the anterior corneal surface with measurement of the posterior corneal surface in order to calculate Total Keratometry (TK®).

Total Keratometry has the potential to reduce refractive surprises to a minimum.

Graham Barrett, M.D.

Read up on the first clinical results

Download the compendium now!

This compendium provides an overview on:

  • Why it’s important to measure the posterior corneal surface.
  • How TK differs from existing solutions.
  • Very promising initial clinical results.

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IOLMaster 700 Compendium Total Keratomety

Scientific background information on Total Keratometry

New: First insights into early clinical data

Han Bor Fam, M.D.

In this lecture Han Bor Fam presents early clinical data using the IOLMaster 700 with Total Keratometry.

New: TK more accurate for IOL calculation?

Sabong Srivannaboon, M.D.

Sabong Srivannaboon provides insights into first clinical data and looks at whether TK will be more accurate for IOL calculation.

Measuring the cornea: Why we need to do better

Douglas D. Koch M.D.

Dr. Koch answers the question about why direct measurement of the posterior corneal surface is needed to improve IOL power calculation.

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