What is the finest suture you can handle?

What is the finest suture you can handle?

Microdentistry in Periodontics & Implantology

Minimal invasive procedures

  • Periodontics & Implantology

    Application benefits of Microdentistry in Periodontics & Implantology

    Visualization tools such as OPMI enhance the quality of your diagnostics by visualizing delicate structures more precisely and supporting you for example in:

    • detecting of subgingival calculus and biofilm
    • evaluating of furcation entries of molars
    • assessing of root surface characteristics, such as enamel pearls, concavities and grooves

    For surgical interventions, ZEISS OPMI supports more controlled
    manipulation of delicate oral soft tissues, such as:

    • Enabling the use of microblades that help to reduce cuts
    • Improving tissue preservation and handling by using specific flap designs
    • Enabling the use of smaller suture diameters which potentially reduce the trauma and the tension on the tissue margins

    Effect of smaller sutures: Healing 7 days after intervention is compared for macrosurgical intervention in image (1) and angiography (2) with the microsurgical approach in the respective image (3) and angiography (4).

    • Allowing better surgical access to interdental and inter-implant spaces
    • Preparation and elevation of the delicate structure of the Schneiderian membrane (sinus lift procedure)


    Application images courtesy of Dr. Rino Burkhardt, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Case Reports

    Managing low vascularized tissue

    The advantages of a microsurgical approach are especially useful when dealing with fragile tissues with a limited vascular network such as interdental mucosa. These delicate and narrow soft tissues can be sharply dissected and preserved using microblades, thus reducing trauma and facilitating accurate wound closure.

    Buccal view of primary wound closure with fine suture threads after modified papilla preservation flap

    Occlusal view of the same site. Note the intact mucosal surface of the delicate col area

    Flap design

    Impressive case of special flap design for increased flap mobility to cover mucosa recession:

    Application images courtesy of Dr. Rino Burkhardt, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Hear what the experts say

    Dr. Rino Burkhardt, Zurich, Switzerland

    "Undoubtedly, microscopically enhanced periodontal and implant therapies have reshaped clinical practice and created potential for a higher standard of care."

    Dr. Kristina Badalyan, Moscow, Russia

    "Surgical microscopes allow us to use microsurgical instruments and sutures that make surgical procedures less invasive. Furthermore, high-precision flap suturing accelerates wound healing, which is vital in implantology/periodontics."