ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump

Chamber stability independent of IOP and flow

The ZEISS patented QUATTRO Pump® of QUATERA® 700 from ZEISS is a synchronized fluid exchange system that directly measures and simultaneously controls both infusion and aspiration values in real-time.

Synchronized infusion and aspiration change

The new fluidic paradigm produces an unparalleled level of chamber stability, regardless of settings and independent of IOP levels. It enables you to focus on what matters most: efficiently removing the cataract.


Dr. Sri Ganesh

The chamber is absolutely stable, irrespective of the type of cataract, irrespective of the situation. It ensures safety and efficiency and you can work at the highest vacuum levels and flow rates and there absolutely is no chamber instability. This is something which is very assuring and I am very confident about operating even on the toughest cases, the toughest cataracts

 ZEISS VisuMax-MEL 90 laser combination

Surge impossible to experience: IOP recovery in about 200ms

IOP recovery is achieved in about 200ms. The QUATTRO Pump always maintains your target IOP independent of vacuum limit or IOP level.

Active leakage compensation

At any incisional leakage, the QUATTRO Pump maintains an extremly stable chamber, allowing you to effectively manage challenging surgical situations and focus on what really matters: efficiently removing the cataract.

Dr. Enrique Molina Munoz

In complicated cases, such as very dense cataracts or extremely floppy iris where I would have had to substantially decrease my surgical settings with my usual device, QUATERA enabled me to proceed with my preferred values just like in every other surgery.

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