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ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp

Premium optical quality with a high level of comfort

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Ike Ahmed, MD
Ike Ahmed, MD, Canada

…we have all kind of slit lamps in the examination rooms at our office, it’s really built with the optics in mind…so it really provides […] the best experience that we’ve had with slit lamp systems like this.

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Prof. Dan Reinstein, MD
Prof. Dan Reinstein, MD, United Kingdom

I think the optics and visualization of the slit lamp itself are excellent. […] The LED illumination works well. The photography I find excellent for a digital camera. Best I’ve seen. Even fine corneal details are being very well visualized and imaged.

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Mansoor Al Shammari, MD,  Kuwait
Mansoor Al Shammari, MD,  Kuwait

I have used many slit lamps throughout my career and the ZEISS SL 800 is the best slit lamp I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to its excellent optics, I can easily see details which are usually very difficult to see. The innovative AutoView control and QuickStop brake can be controlled with a single touch which makes routine tasks much more efficient.

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From the pioneer of scientific optics

TrueView optics

The apochromatic optimization greatly reduces chromatic and spherical aberrations in favor of visualizing structural details compared to single lens design.

True View Optics

Don't limit yourself to LED or Halogen VarioLight

Select your preferred examination light – cold-white or warm-white. Instead of having only LED or halogen illumination available, this allows you to gain a sharper and clearer image, as well as a more natural fundus impression.

SL 800 VarioLight
Controls right at your fingertips

AutoView & QuickStop

With AutoView, you can easily change magnification with the motorized two-button mechanism. The optional electronic QuickStop brake is also activated without the need to release the joystick.

Quick Stop & Auto View
Slit Lamp 800
Slit Lamp 800
Slit Lamp Imaging Solution
ZEISS SL Imaging Solution