ZEISS Breast Week

Join the ZEISS Breast Week 2021!

In times where annual congresses with live panels, podium speeches and other interesting scientific events are cancelled all over the world, we try to offer a new colorful format where latest scientific work is presented and the IORT community can come together again in 2021.

Be part of the very first ZEISS Breast Week from 22 – 25 March 2021 and get clinical insights about the latest advancements in breast cancer treatment. The recently published TARGIT-A long-term data confirm positive clinical results and validate IORT for early breast cancer to be effective and efficient. Will these results evolve breast cancer treatment and as a consequence significantly change your daily routine in the future?

Our breast week symposium will try to give answers to these questions within several 30 minutes sessions held by proficient international experts. They will focus on modern breast cancer treatment options and their individual treatment workflows, the recently published TARGIT-A long-term results in comparison to other accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) studies as well as on multiple efficiency aspects of IORT. 

As a special highlight, a customer from the Middle East will share personal profound experiences with ZEISS INTRABEAM 600 and present their way to implement a successful IORT breast program. Stay tuned and look forward to an exciting week!

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