Ultimate Reach & Flexibility


Leading ENT surgeons share their impressions on Ultimate Reach & Flexibility of the new ZEISS TIVATO 700

Different kinds of procedures in ENT surgery require different OR setups, devices and workflows. Each of them have high demands that need to be fulfilled; mostly in a small OR full of people.

Disruption such as repositioning of the system for example to switch from one ear to the other, take time and can hinder desired outcomes.

Learn how ENT experts from Europe, North America and Asia experienced the stability and versatility offered by Ultimate Reach & Flexibility of the TIVATO® 700 from ZEISS in the OR.

The stableness and the stiffness of the arm is very good…

Prof. Joachim Hornung, University Clinic of Erlangen, Germany

Experience Ultimate Reach & Flexibility yourself

Get an idea on how ZEISS TIVATO 700 saves space and gives you full control over its positioning with our interactive demo.

ZEISS TIVATO 700 – Transforming possibilities into realities

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  • 1 Application image and video courtesy of Prof. Joachim Hornung from University Clinic Erlangen.