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Dr. Matthias Jütte
Dr. med. Matthias Jütte, Germany

The new automatic documentation is very helpful. All relevant treatment parameters as well as treated areas are recorded in an overview straight after treatment. This definitely improves my workflow and makes me save a great amount of time.

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Maximize your focus

InsightView and TouchControl

Keep your eyes on the patient while changing parameters during laser therapy. This unique combination helps to support easy, efficient and highly-focused therapeutic laser treatments for retinal diseases and glaucoma.

InsightView & TouchControl

Treatment protocols tailored to your practice

Save your treatment specifications including your preferred contact lens for multiple users, then access them quickly with a single touch on the TouchControl panel. Reduce your treatment documentation effort with an automated parameter summary immediately after a procedure.

VISULAS green treatment summary report

Customize your workstation

The modular design of ZEISS VISULAS green can be tailored to your practice needs. Available with a choice of single or dual fiber ports, it can be customized to suit virtually all types of practice and treatment preferences.

Customization your workstation
VISULAS green from ZEISS