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Adding precision to every step of your toric workflow

ZEISS Astigmatism Management

ZEISS Astigmatism Management


Astigmatism Management from ZEISS

When implanting toric IOLs, precision makes all the difference. Astigmatism Management from ZEISS delivers accurate measurements, time-saving markerless alignment and the widest range of toric models available. With a comprehensive and precise workflow, you can achieve enhanced refractive outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Toric IOL implantation in cataract surgery with high astigmatism in pellucid marginal degeneration - shared by Dr. Gade

Anant Gade MD is a Senior Surgeon at the Dr Anant Gade Eye Clinic, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. He is a specialist in IOL power calculations, toric IOL and multifocal IOL implantation.

Study results published by Dr. Piovella et al. on high long-term stability of the ZEISS AT LISA tri toric

Recent study results published by Dr. Piovella et al. confirm excellent results and high long-term stability of the ZEISS AT LISA tri toric in 114 patients (227 eyes).* M. Piovella, S. Colonval, A. Kapp, J. Reiter, F. Van Cauwenberge, J. Alfonso. Patient outcomes following implantation with a trifocal toric IOL: twelve-month prospective multicentre study. Eye (2019) 33:144–153

Recent patient case on challenges related to toric IOL implantation with high regular corneal astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty (PK) - shared by Dr. Mayer.

Wolfgang J. Mayer, MD, PhD, FEBO – Professor and Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Ludwig-Maximillians-University (LMU) Hospital, Munich, Germany shares insights on how to overcome challenges related to toric IOL implantation in cataract surgery with high regular corneal astigmatism after penetrating keratoplasty (PK).

Watch and see why Total Keratometry is a real breakthrough

  • Roger Zaldivar, MD MSc, MBA

    „Pearls and pitfalls of pre-operative education on astigmatism correction"

  • Prof. Oliver Findl, MD, MBA

    „Hitting the mark: advanced biometry to account for astigmatism correction"

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Precise toric

IOL selection & calculation

ZEISS toric IOLs

(Please note: ZEISS toric IOLs are not for sale in the US)

The broadest range of toric IOLs

  • More choices to better meet your patients‘ individual needs: from monofocal, trifocal to EDoF
  • New offering: AT LARA toric – the new toric EDoF IOL
  • Precise IOL selection out of ~2000 options: smaller 0.5D cyl steps, up to 12D in cyl
  • New online IOL power calculator: Z CALC 2.1
  • Proven* rotational stability thanks to 4-haptic fixation
  • Effortless handling thanks to preloaded injector system and easy alignment
  • Simple online ordering in selected countries

* Mencucci, R. et al., Clinical outcomes and rotational stability of a 4-haptic toric intraocular lens in myopic eyes, 2014, JCRS,40: 1479-1487

Voice of the Customer

  • Rita Mencucci, MD

    “Expanding options for patient expectations in today’s cataract refractive surgery"

Precisely measure

Total Keratometry*

ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with TK

  • Precisely measures posterior corneal surface for Total Keratometry (TK®) using SWEPT Source OCT*
  • Exclusive new Barrett TK formulas: Barrett TK Universal II and Barrett TK Toric
  • TK can be used in classic IOL calculation formulas
  • On-board reference image for markerless toric IOL alignment
  • No need for a second device, third-party software or an online calculator

*Study not published. Data on file.

Voice of the Customer

Precise* markerless

toric IOL alignment

* Clinical data of Prof. Findl / Dr. Hirnschall presented at ESCRS 2013.


Markerless toric IOL alignment

  • Improved alignment precision by 40% compared to manual marking*
  • No manual eye marking
  • Saved 6 minutes throughout the process*
  • Fully digital data transfer
  • Full HD surgical video documentation

* W. Mayer (2017). “Comparison of visual outcomes, alignment accuracy, and surgical time between 2 methods of corneal marking for toric intraocular lens implantation”. JCRS, October 2017

How to implant toric IOLs?

Voice of the Customer

  • Florian Kretz, FEBO

    „Precise implantation: tips and techniques to improve intraoperative alignment & postoperative outcomes"

Toric Workflow Services

Helping you to choose the most suitable toric IOL for your patient

Toric Workflow Services

Vision Simulation Tool

This interactive tool enables you to explain the different IOL categories by simulating pre- and postsurgical visual experience. It helps you to guide your patients through the decision for the IOL type, providing the best individual fit. Start integrating the Vision Simulation Tool into your patient consultation now!


Z CALC is a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for ZEISS IOLs. Offering fast and reliable online calculations for ZEISS toric & non-toric IOLs. It predicts immediate post-operative refraction data for excellent outcomes and satisfied patients. Z CALC takes posterior corneal astigmatism into account – either by using IOLMaster TK value readings or with the nomogram. Use Z CALC and receive precise calculations to choose the most suitable toric or non-toric IOL for your patient.

Online Consumables Management

Gives you direct access to your cataract products from ZEISS – exclusive, free of charge and around the clock. Place your orders and manage your consignment stock online – it’s easier and quicker than ever before.

IOL Power Calculation Service

The Berlin-based, personal service supports you in calculating and selecting all monofocal, toric, and multifocal ZEISS IOLs based on biometric data obtained from ZEISS IOLMaster and/or other diagnostic devices and helps you to identify possible adjustments to your calculation routines in the unlikely event of an unexpected refractive outcome.