ZEISS at the World Glaucoma Congress 2019 in Melbourne

Booth 26 + 27

Welcome to Melbourne, where the WGC will take place between the 27-30 March 2019 in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).
We would like to talk with you about the latest advancements in eye care and the challenges you are facing with medical treatments along every step of your patients' life.

Events organized by ZEISS

Focusing on the latest technologies and trends

Satellite Symposium

Attend the ZEISS Satellite Symposium at WGC 2019

Join us for an engaging session with our panel of faculty as they share their experiences
with innovative new technologies today and in the future at WGC 2019.

Stand-up breakfast is included.

SITA Faster

A new threshold testing algorithm and a new test pattern

Participate in an exciting discussion with a renowned panel of experts on how SITA Faster improves their clinical workflow and patient satisfaction. In addition, learn about the newly released Central Test pattern, and how adding ten points can change the way manage your patients by combining conventional exam and 24-2C exam in a single visit.

Moderator and Speaker

Dr. Anders Heijl, MD, PhD

SITA Faster construction and multi-center study result


Dr. Gustavo De Moraes, MD

New central 24-2C test pattern: design and early results

Dr. Catherine Green, MD

Clinical experience with the new SITA Faster tests


Date and time

Friday 29 March 2019,

07:30 - 08:30


Room 219 (MCEC)


How to get to the WGC in Melbourne

ZEISS at the
World Glaucoma Congress




How to find ZEISS at WGC in Melbourne

ZEISS Booth Location in Main Hall
ZEISS Booth Location in Main Hall
ZEISS Satellite Symposium, Room 219, Level 2
ZEISS Satellite Symposium, Room 219, Level 2


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