See more during composite modeling.

ZEISS TrueLight Mode

Work in a natural light and prevent premature composite curing with the ZEISS EXTARO 300.

The new dental microscope ZEISS EXTARO 300 offers a completely new functionality: the TrueLight Mode. It inhibits the premature curing of composite material1, similar to the Orange Color Mode but with a striking additional benefit:

You can work under natural light conditions and see more relevant tooth structures.


In the scientific poster “Dental microscope light improves visibility during light-curing composite application“ Dr. Tomas Lang evaluates the new TrueLight Mode in comparison to the existing Orange Color Mode. This poster confirms the excellent application advantages of the TrueLight Mode and proves its effectiveness in important clinical requirements like optimal color differentiation of dental hard tissues in health and disease.2

Learn from the expert how you can benefit from the natural light illumination of ZEISS EXTARO 300.

Image courtesy of Oscar Freiherr von Stetten, Stuttgart, Germany

1 For specifications see user manual
2 cf. ORMED (2017): Dental microscope light improves visibility during light-curing composite application. ORMED, Witten/ Herdecke. Germany