ZEISS EYEGUIDE patient app


Increasing patient satisfaction with little effort.

The new patient mobile app EYEGUIDE® from ZEISS offers relevant information and features to support the treatment process, making patients feel well-taken care of. It can be customized with little effort and without detailed IT knowledge.

Increase patient satisfaction

Ensure efficiency

Create a USP

Amir Hamid, MD Optegra Eye Hospital, London, United Kingdom

It really helps to ensure patient compliance and increase patient satisfaction.

ZEISS EYEGUIDE patient app at Optegra Eye Hospital London

Increase patient satisfaction with little effort

Using the ZEISS EYEGUIDE app lets patients stay on top of things and mitigates their fears. Useful features such as pre- and postoperative checklists or eye drop reminders improve the patient experience and help throughout the entire treatment process. You can easily customize the app to your requirements without detailed IT knowledge and meet the needs of your cataract patients.

ZEISS EYEGUIDE patient app checklists
ZEISS EYEGUIDE patient app efficiency
Ensure an efficient workflow with better educated patients

Reduce patient counselling time by referring to the educational and clinic-specific app content. Patients inform themselves and keep track of their appointments, leading to fewer incoming calls. Checklists increase patient compliance and thus lead to smoother surgeries and fewer workflow interruptions.

Create a USP to differentiate your clinic from competitors

By offering the ZEISS EYEGUIDE app to your patients, you can position yourself as a modern and reliable healthcare provider. It allows you to present clinic-specific information related to your service and product portfolio in an easy and appealing way. What's more, it allows you to educate your patients on premium treatment options in an unobtrusive way.

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