Upgrade your visual fields with the new HFA3 Version 1.5 Software

Optimize results for you and your patient

ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyzer, the standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management validated by more than thirty years of clinical studies and day-to-day use worldwide.

New HFA3 Version 1.5 makes visual field testing faster, easier and more informative

  • SITATM Faster. Shorter tests, happier patients, efficient glaucoma management.
  • SITA Faster 24-2C. More information in the central ten degrees in a quicker test. 
  • Generations of data at your fingertips. Integrate tests between multiple HFA3 instruments and HFAII-i. Mix various SITA tests in your Guided Progression Analsyis (GPA) report.

Where to find the serial number of your HFA3

Using the User Interface of your device

Select the Settings icon located in the Toolbar at the top of the screen. The Settings screen will appear. The fifth line down of the Information table contains the serial number.

Where to find the serial number of your HFA3

On the outside of your device

Locate a white label on the back panel (opposite the bowl), the serial number is a numeric sequence after the letters SN.