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What is ZEISS miLOOP?

The miLOOP® from ZEISS is a game-changing microinterventional lens fragmentation device. Using micro-thin super-elastic, self-expanding nitinol filament technology, ZEISS miLOOP allows cataract surgeons to remove the challenges of hard cataracts.

  • Reduce phaco energy by up to 53% for grade 3-4+ nuclear cataracts1
  • Lower the surgical irrigation fluid volume used per case by up to 30%1
  • Apply minimal stress to the capsule and zonules1
  • Reduce procedure and post-operative treatment time2

Feedback from surgeons

After they had tried the ZEISS miLOOP in their OR we asked surgeons what they think about it. Here’s what they said.

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ZEISS miLOOP with a dense grade 4 cataract

ZEISS miLOOP and ZEISS ARTEVO 800 with a dense grade 4 cataract.
Sri Ganesh, MD, India.