Retina and Glaucoma Webinar Series

live and on-demand

OCT-A Innovations: deeper, wider, and beyond Ophthalmology

Marion Munk, MD, PhD; Corinne Dot, MD, PhD & Sandrine Zweifel, MD, PhD
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Panelists & Topics:

  • Marion Munk, MD, PhD (moderator/presenter): Wide-field multi-modal imaging
  • Corinne Dot, MD, PhD (presenter): OCT-A metrics variations
  • Sandrine Zweifel, MD, PhD (presenter): Beyond Opthalmology

Live session:
Coffee Hour ICOOR Symposium
Friday, 17 December 2021;
10:20-11:20 AM CET

Speaker details

Marion Munk, MD, PhD

Managing Director Bern Photographic Reading Center, Department of Ophthalmology, Inselspital Universitätsspital Bern, Switzerland

Corinne Dot, MD, PhD

French military ophthalmologist (General officer)

Sandrine Zweifel, MD, PhD

Vice Chair, Head of the Medical Retina & Imaging Unit, Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

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