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Comparison of Swept Source OCT and Scheimpflug Keratometry in IOL Power Calculations




Singapore / Online Webinar

The advancement of the swept source biometry has been tremendous and obtaining total keratometry is a reality now.

No more guessing on the posterior keratometry values would mean more predictable outcome can be achieved with the newest generation formulas.

In the era of increasing number of post laser vision correction patients in our population, the posterior keratometry values have become a need and is now visible with up-to-date technology.

With the different values taken from different machines, such as, Posterior Keratometry, Total Keratometry, Posterior Cornea Values, Total Cornea Power, etc, are these values the same, and will they be compatible with the IOL formula used? Can they be directly input into the IOL formulas that we are using?

Join us to discover the meaning of those value and putting them in place.

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